Welcome to the 1st International Workshop on the Social Web for Environmental and Ecological Monitoring (SWEEM 2016)

The exponential growth of the popularity of social media has provided not only novel techniques for public communication and engagement, but has also generated unprecedented volumes of publicly-available, user-generated social media content. These trends open new opportunities for ecological and environmental applications, both in terms of alternative data sources and novel approaches for interacting with the public.

The goal of the workshop is to bring together a combination of academic and industrial participants to discuss ideas, challenges, and solutions at the intersection of Social Media and Environmental/Ecological Science.

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Robert-Jan Sips, IBM Center for Advanced Studies


Robert-Jan Sips is leading IBM’s collaborative academic research programs in the Netherlands at the IBM Center for Advanced Studies (CAS). Next to that he is Chairman of the Dutch Courage foundation and a visiting researcher in the Web&Media group at VU University Amsterdam and Web Information Systems at Delft University of Technology. He is actively involved in multiple research projects, currently focusing on Crowdsourcing, IoT and Water Management. 

Prior to joining the CAS, Robert-Jan held positions at DaimlerChrysler, working on telematics and GIS for the Mercedes-Benz brand. After joining IBM in 2008, he focused on various remote sensing projects; in the automotive, smart grid and water domains. Most extensively, he was involved in IBM’s Global Center of Excellence for Water Management, in the Floodcontrol 2015 project, working on machine learning to predict levee failure and studying the feasibility of large-scale implementation of sensor-monitored levees in the Netherlands.

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