9:00 Welcome

Session I: Social media

9:10 Keynote: "From Pixels to Science and Conservation," Tanya Berger-Wolf (University of Illinois at Chicago)

9:50 "Measuring and Monitoring Collective Attention During Disasters,"
Xingsheng He (University of Pittsburgh)

10:20 "Understanding Citizens' and Local Governments' Digital
Communications during Natural Disasters: The Case of Snowstorms," Vanessa
Frias-Martinez (University of Maryland at College Park)

10:50 Break

Session II: Semantic Content extraction

11:10 Keynote: Charles Stewart (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

11:50 "Zero Shot Transfer Learning for Information Extraction," Lifu Huang (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

12:20 Lunch

Session III: Citizen science

1:20 "Designing for Citizen Science," Dominic DiFranzo (Cornell

1:50 "Avicaching: a Two-stage Game for Bias Reduction in Citizen
Science," Yexiang Xue (Cornell University)

Session IV: Geolocated and network data

2:20 "A graph-structured optimization framework for pattern detection in
attributed networks," Baojian Zhou (SUNY Albany)

2:50 Coffee break

3:00 "Geolocated datasets for Urban Science," Bruno Goncalves (New York

Session V: Mining visual data

3:30 "Animal Population Estimation Using Flickr Images," Sreejith Menon
(Bloomberg LP)

4:00 "Observing the Natural World through Flickr," Saul Blanco (Indiana

4:30 Discussion and wrap-up